During the Agritechnica exhibition at Hannover in 2015, Lodi presented a new technical solution and the use of interactive 3D technology enabled a better and more thorough understanding of the invention to visitors and potential customers.


LODI S.p.A. is a company based in Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia) which since 1958 has been building components for agricultural machinery, tractors and earth-moving machines and operates in a modern factory of 10,200 sq.m (built on a total area of 24,000 sq.m), where 140 employees work. Lodi is a supplier to the most important tractor manufacturers in the world. In addition to producing components to design on behalf of its customers, Lodi designs and produces new, improved solutions to components.


The interactive 3D presentation had to explain the technical solution conceived by Lodi Spa and highlight the advantage that the application could bring to the users of the tractor in the field.


The presentation was conceived to permit an overall view of the front part of the tractor; the overall view of the technical solution; detail and handling of the components to understand their effectiveness and simplicity of use together; multilingual labelling accompanying the 3D images; zoom and rotation at all times and for any framing.


The interactive 3D presentation was realised by Shin Software in close cooperation with the technical office and the web Agency of Lodi Spa, which looked after the graphical part.

The presentation was used at the Hannover exhibition with the aid of two touch monitors.

“The interactive 3D made it easy to present customers and potential customers with the opportunities offered by our solutions. And it was a great satisfaction to amaze even the biggest international producers.”
SHOWin3D - Luigi Lodi - Lodi SPA - Aftersaler, manuali virtuali 3D, automotive
Luigi Lodi
Technical Department Manager


The considerable response received at the exhibition further convinced Lodi spa about the effectiveness of interactive 3D technology and they assigned Shin Software the creation of a prototype of the Use and Maintenance Manual (MUM) from paper to 3D, to be able to distribute it through internet, tablet and smartphone.

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