Some examples of applications


Luxury furnishings

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3D fabric configurator for architectural solutions

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Umberto Palermo Design - Alfa Romeo Mole

3D configurator VR

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Rubinetteria Stella

Taps Stella 3D Configurator


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Caleffi presentazione prodotto in 3D

Caleffi Spa

MCE 2016 – Milan Exhibition Centre, presentation of a product in interactive 3D

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TTA/Adler Group

3D presentation of AW169 helicopter interiors

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Kitchen Kamin

Exhibition design fire 2016 building truth poet verona

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Fandis Spa

Presentation of products with interactive 3D

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Lucchetta srl: furniture in 3D

The skill of the artisan marries technology

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Lodi presentazione 3D veicoli agricoli

Lodi Spa

Technological presentation with interactive 3D

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