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Fandis, an international reference point for the development of solutions and products dedicated to systems of control/monitoring of the temperature in industrial and professional applications, wanted to present a new product line during SPS IPC Drivers Italia, an important exhibition dedicated to producers and suppliers of electrical automation, held annually at Parma.


Fandis is one of the most specialised Italian organisations in the creation of leading-edge solutions for temperature screening and control/monitoring systems in an industrial and professional environment. The quality standards are high and the entire production process is certified according to the standard ISO 9001:2008.


The presentation had to embrace a very wide range of products, highlight characteristics, innovations, the greatest compliance of each product with customer requirements and together favour the active involvement of visitors to the booth by the Fandis operators.


The interactive 3D presentation had to combine the need to handle, simply and attractively, not only the width of the assortment but also the substantial series of innovations that it contains.


The interactive 3D content, presented by maxi touchscreens usable by Fandis personnel and visitors, shows a complete set of all the Fandis products, each selectable and accompanied by a detailed menu able to highlight its high technological content and added value, so as to permit the personnel to illustrate with greater ease and completeness the range of the proposals, pro-actively involving visitors to the booth.
The 3D solution was realised entirely by Fandis internal staff, with the consultancy support of Shin Software.

The presentation simplified the work of the sales staff and enabled a quicker understanding by customers of the products and their added value


The material developed will be used for other trade-fair events and Fandis is assessing the possibility of having the content evolve into a new interactive 3D catalogue to be made available to the sales force.
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