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On the occasion of the exhibition the launch was proposed of the first Edilkamin product in the context of wood-fired cookers, which are experiencing renewed interest on the market. An important opportunity to present the product and begin the strategy of inclusion in the market starting from a leading position in the sector.
SHOWin3D - Edilkamin SPA - Presentazione interattiva, catalogo virtuale, manuali virtuali, fiera Progetto Fuoco
SHOWin3D - Edilkamin SPA - Presentazione interattiva, catalogo virtuale, manuali virtuali, fiera Progetto Fuoco


Over 50 years of experience and leading-edge design capacity, 6 production plants in Italy and abroad, Edilkamin is one of the most important companies in the stoves and fireplaces market with products of a high value in technology and design.


The presentation of a new line required the elaboration of an innovative strategy for involving the public, starting from the use of a second location in addition to the informative booth, to create a welcoming environment in which to interact with the products. The contents to be presented are many and it is important to find a solution to present them so that they stand out.


It was decided to create a 3D configurator enabling a detailed, stimulating and extremely efficient acquaintance with a product. Different combinations can be created to see the product in all its configurations. Thanks to the high 3D quality customers can observe and get absorbed in every detail. It is not just a matter of transferring the contents of the catalogue but of presenting them in their most useful and interesting interactions.


With the configurator in the final set-up, customers can try a lot of different configurations on a large-sized touch monitor, choosing each detail and seeing the result in real time. The configurator creates new possibilities of interaction with the customer.
  • The configurator allows you to choose the combination of structure, front and side colours, cooking top, profiles and optionals.
  • Is multilingual
  • Enables you to manipulate the stove to see it from various angles, zoom in on details and open the oven doors.

The novelty of the configurator aroused the public’s curiosity as if it was a game; a large number of people stopped to try this medium, so they also discovered the product.


Starting from the exhibition material the configurator will also be brought onto the Edilkamin website and onto a dedicated iOS and Android app. The online user will have a facilitated and absorbing purchase experience, using the same options as were seen in the exhibition and a technical data-sheet generator to enable communication with the dealer. Following completion of the start-up phase, Edilkamin will be able to manage the configurator in total autonomy.
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