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Simple Tap – Faucet 3D configurator


Simple is the new and innovative project of Rubinetterie Stella, designed to meet the need for personalization of bathroom fittings that, increasingly, is felt by architects, interior designers and, more generally, by the market segment that research high-end products. Simple, therefore, does not arise as a new collection, but as a real system able to create “the tap just as you would like it”, to obtain this result you need a 3D configurator specially designed to be simple to use, with high quality graphics and easily viewable on most popular devices.
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Rubinetterie Stella was founded in 1882, is a company that has a brand for more than 130 years on the market and represents an industry benchmark, known and appreciated all over the world. The historicity, the high rate of craftsmanship, the attention to detail from the design to the shipping of each single tap are the hallmark of the work of Rubinetterie Stella.


The Simple project required the creation of a very complex 3D configurator from the logical and architectural point of view able to generate millions of combinations of taps generating both a high quality rendering, and the BOM and technical data sheets, all in real time. For Rubinetterie Stella it was fundamental to create a tool able to realize renderings that correctly represented the quality of the materials and able to work on the most popular devices; the cloud architecture of SHOWin3D, realized on Amazon AWS, has proved to be fundamental for the management and distribution of the 3D files needed to render the taps on the various devices.


Rubinetteria Stella
Simple is currently the most advanced faucet configurator in the world, a unique tool that, thanks to SHOWin3D, offers a superior interactive 3D visualization able to work on the most popular devices and generate more than 17 million combinations. The 3D configurator consists of a series of APP (viewers), for different devices, fully data driven and connected to a system of rules of composition and price lists centralized, realized on Amazon AWS. SHOWin3D provides a powerful CMS solution that centralizes resources using AWS S3 and processes them using a serverless architecture thanks to AWS Lambda service. An efficient CDN was created using AWS CloudFront to serve the resources needed for configuration APPs. Currently the product configurator is present on the specific website, is distributed on the APP stores of Apple and Google, and a special version was created for use at the fair used for large touchscreen screens.



Easy to use tool suitable for all to realize in real time the rendering of 17 million configurations of taps.


The high aesthetic performance of the materials does not make it necessary to have the physical samples and allows Rubinetterie Stella to sell its products online anywhere in the world.


The architecture of SHOWin3D, implemented on Amazon AWS, provided the ideal basis on which to build a centralized and multilingual system for price lists and composition rules that allows a complex tool to be managed quickly and efficiently.

The Simple Tap project proposes a new method of plan and design the faucets that offers to Rubinetterie Stella customers a unique and personalized product. To do so, thanks to SHOWin3D, we have created the most advanced 3D configurator of faucets in the world


Simple Tap was launched at the “2018 Salone del Mobile” with great success. A few months later, Stella’s SIMPLE 3D configurator, which makes it possible to produce over 17 million different taps with fewer than 50 components, win the ADI DESIGN AWARD 2018 recognition. In the coming months, new basic components and new applications for the bathroom industry will be added .
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